Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day and the Promotion of Materialism

How many of us bought our loved ones Valentine's Gifts? Pretty much everyone who's reading this now. I'd like everyone who's reading this to ask themselves "What is the best gift I could give?"

Is it a car? How about a new home? A winning lottery ticket?

Not even close. If you think about it, the most precious thing you can give someone is YOUR TIME. Money can be made, materials can be built, but you can't get back time. Our time is limited as humans to the average of 72 years per person. Figuratively, this is not much time at all. To spend a few hours with a friend, to donate your time fighting a cause, to giving all your time to make your kids wonderful people, these are the most precious things you can give. Money does not make you a better person. A gift does not strengthen a relationship. Your time can create a wonderful relationship with someone or help make a difference in someone's life.

I have been ridiculed in the past for not buying valentines gifts for people I care about. Hell, I don't even like Christmas to be honest (corrupt corporate greed, but that will be a new entry in the future). We should not be forced to buying presents due to society adding pressure and corporations throwing it in our face. Every time we give into this, we make corporations and everything wrong about our society stronger. They turn our love into greed. They turn our generousity into massive profits. Bet you didn't think about that when you waste your money on credit cards (money you actually don't have) to buy that "perfect present".

We all believe our loved ones deserve the best. I agree 100% with that. However, your best is not a present or some's your time. Give the best of your time with that someone and see how much better it will be. Why buy into a materialistic frame of mind when all it does is make you broke? Is going broke worth it to buy a playstation 3? Is it worth filing bankruptcy so you can give your kid a car? We flush away our moral and ethical principles when we spoil with materialistic gifts. We become what corporate America wants...someone who spends, spends spends! Is that who you want to be?

This Valentine's Day, I ask that you give your TIME. If you want to take them out to dinner, nothing wrong with that, so long as you're giving them quality time. Show them you care by listening, by having good quality conversation. One of the best feelings to experience is knowing someone is there for you. Knowing that the person will always be there for you, giving you their time to help aid and guide you in life.

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