Monday, February 7, 2011

How to Rape Our Freedom

First they invaded Walmart...

Then they invaded the airports...

Now they are invading sports events...

Seriously???!!!! When the hell did we become Germany in the 1930's? Didn't they lose the war? Didn't they kill millions upon millions of Jews?

Watching these videos was like watching each freedom we have taken away. Go to Walmart, Janet Napolitano is there. Go to sports events, Janet Napolitano is there. Planning on flying on a plane? Janet Napolitano is there. Sense a pattern here? Has your life improved since the Secretary of Homeland Security has put her face everywhere? If anything, I've felt a lot of discomfort. Why do I need to see this lady's face when she's doing nothing to make me feel safer? In fact, I feel more violated.

Department of Homeland Security has no right invading the lives of Americans. Their purpose was to stop terrorists. Now they took that word, generalized it as much as they could, and began to use Nazi-Germany like tactics with it. In fact, you should know what they label as terrorists. Here is the following list from their website...

- Displaying bumper stickers and other paraphernalia associated with the Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian parties

- Supporting Congressman Ron Paul

- Supporting former presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin

- Supporting former Congressman Bob Barr

- Opposing the implementation of a North American Union

- Owning gold bullion

- Displaying historical U.S. flags

- Opposing abortion

- Talking about the documentary Zeitgeist

- Being interested in animal rights

- Being a “lone individual”

- Making numerous references to the U.S. Constitution

- Defending the U.S. Constitution

- Claiming driving is a right, not a privilege

- Refusing to identify yourself to an authority figure

- Attempting to monitor the actions of police

- Being bald

- Being a “nice guy”

- Wearing Levi jeans

- Communicating predominantly by cell phone, email or text message

- Looking “normal” in appearance

- Renting a car

- Staying in a hotel or apartment

- Renting a storage facility

- Using cash to make large purchases

- Using pre-paid cellphones or hand-held radios

- Owning large amounts of medicines, alcohol, or baby formula

- Gaining support for a cause by holding meetings, public rallies, or demonstrations

- Gaining support for a cause by using websites, posters, leaflets, or underground press publications

- Possessing a photo-copy of your drivers license, passport, social security card or birth certificate

- Possessing or purchasing GPS technology

- Walking, biking or driving near “potential targets”

- Taking photographs of “potential targets,” including bridges, power plants or government buildings

- Being a property-rights activist

- Trying to influence government or social policy

- Undermining confidence in the government

- Using a sketch pad, camera, map, binoculars or scuba equipment

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is a real list. These are from the MIAC report from Homeland Security. This list basically labels all of us as terrorists. Everyone that I ever met has been part of at least one of these things. This is insanity!

Basically, anything freedom related is a form of terrorism according to the Department of Homeland Security. This is so wrong on so many levels. I wish what I have displayed was not true, but unfortunately it is. I really want to be wrong about this. I want to be wrong that more of our freedoms and liberties are being taken away from us every single day.

I want our jobs back. I want outsourcing to stop. I want manufacturing to make us strong once again. But with what Homeland Security is trying to implement, who would want to create jobs here? If everyone is a potential terrorist, why would you hire any Americans? I'm starting to see a pattern from all this: Make Americans feel like they are terrorists, remove their freedoms, and violate their dignities. They want us to feel worthless. They want us to feel that even though we spent $40,000 on college (or more), we should be happy with a job with McDonalds flipping burgers and serving fries. They are trying to break our wills and desires to be happy and free. This way, it will be easier for us to accept slave-labor jobs like China. A lot of new laws, plus D.H.S, pushes for things to be more communistic like China. See the pattern? Connect the dots. Prove me wrong if you can.

I want our country back...the way it's suppose to be. At the very least, pre-9/11. People have their views about 9/11, but one thing is clear: Department of Homeland Security is out of control. Less government is the answer. Government is a necessary evil, but limiting it's power is best for all citizens. Self-sufficient ways, community, unity, these are the things we should base our lives. The more we rely on government, the more they take away from us.

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