Monday, January 31, 2011

Preying on the Weak

Ever get mad watching someone get picked on? For those that know me on a personal level reading this, you know I never can sit and keep my mouth shut when I see things like this. I always like to level the playing field when I see 1 or more people make fun of someone who isn't good at defending themselves. Most people don't have the fire or the courage for conflict like I do. So to see a friend, co-worker, or even an innocent bystander get picked on incites rage inside of me.

Too many times do we see people using others to make themselves feel better. The most obvious form that stands out is slavery. All cultures at some point has experienced this. Now in the US, we don't see the physical form of slavery, but rather than mental. You could be in the workplace and watch 1-2 managers pick on a co-worker over something small or insignificant. They will barrage this person because it makes them feel better. The victim in this situation will then think of themselves as small and insignificant as well. The only thing they will feel they are good at is failure. Instead of producing an environment for success, these "bullies" use people to make themselves feel better. They should be looking more into who they are and why they would need to do this, instead of making those who they feel are "beneath" them more weak and powerless.

We have all done this at some point in our lives. But the key is to overcome this inferiority complex. It's one thing when you didn't realize you were doing it and have now stopped. It's another to know that you're doing it, yet you keep at it. We all learned that bullying in school is wrong. But yet, we see this practice continued in the workplace and in public places as well. This is pure ignorance. How can you grow when you keep on making mistakes that you are aware of, but refuse to acknowledge.

My kids' karate instructor Michael Graves (Mahato Karate) said something that made a lot of sense..."When a black belt defeats a white belt, this should come as no surprise. You don't gain anything from the exchange, just the obvious. Now a black belt defeating another black belt...this is a true equal exchange."

So when a "black belt" is making fun of a "white belt", it's only to prove that they are not true "black belts". True "black belts" accept real challenges, not ones that are easy to overcome. Those who I truly respect are those who will challenge everyone, not just a certain person or entity. In those type of exchanges, it forces others to think and challenge the thinking of the person.

I would love to see a world that puts everyone on a level playing field and forces us all to see why we should stand above the rest. We should all use this mentality. It would further put us in a higher level of thinking, further benefiting those around you. This would then remove these "bullies" as they would be no better than the person next to them. Then what would they do? Would they push themselves to be better or just wither away into obscurity?

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