Monday, January 24, 2011

My Theory on Why the Animals are Dying and Why it's So Cold...

Since the New Year, I've seen quite a few news articles on the mysterious deaths of 1000's of birds, fish, buffalo, crabs, etc. So I decided to do some research as to what is causing this.

The initial findings were of Blackbirds dying of blunt trauma. Some sites stated it was initially from fireworks. But if you do the research on blackbirds, blunt trauma can be caused by very cold temperatures (hyperthermia). So you would think that instead of using the fireworks excuse, they would use the truth. However, from what I found, the truth would make BP oil look really bad.

This led me to figure out what is causing the cold weather lately around the world. Earlier in 2010, a big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico occurred. Scientists and meteorologists found that the oil spilled into the ocean has slowed down the current. This current actually flows warm water into the northern direction towards Great Britain. This is called the Gulf Stream Current ( As we have noticed, Great Britain is having it's coldest winter in at least 150 recorded years. This current has also affected the Atlantic Ocean temperature as well. The Gulf Stream Current is pretty much close to a standstill at this point.

Now the question is...why hasn't anyone reported this? Could it be that the oil lobbyist don't want anyone knowing the truth? Could it be that people would have massive protests against oil companies doing off-shore drilling, effectively costing oil companies billions of dollars? Or is this another thing to blame "global warming"?

To summarize this up, a man-made oil spill has created a weather change. The Gulf Stream Current has been slowed to the point that the warm water is not effectively spreading across the Atlantic Ocean. This in turn has affected temperatures to cool lower than normal. The lower-than-normal temperatures have caused massive amounts of animals deaths. We will continue to hear about more animal deaths, with religious fanatics screaming about the apocalypse. If you don't believe what I'm posting, please research and post back. I'm all about knowing the truth. Thank you for reading.

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